Monday Hair-Spiration - Wedding Hair!

Planning a wedding is TOUGH. I was absolutely sure I would love going through the planning process, having a total pinterest-worthy wedding, making all of the decisions on my own. Well, I was wrong. We have very large families, lots of important friends, high expectations, a picky bride -ahem- and a tight budget. Mike and I are very practical when it comes to spending, and although we want the badass dream day, spending $30,000+ is just not us. It's been very tough finding a non-traditional wedding venue in New Jersey that fits our style, and food for less than $125 per person. It seems like as soon as you say "wedding" the price skyrockets.

Maybe venue and menu planning isn't my thing, so I've stopped focusing on that and started honing in on hairstyles. Obviously. Time to take a deep breath, stop stressing about this being the perfect day (because, no matter what, it will be), and enjoy some beautiful hair.


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