Are You OK With Second-Day Hair?

Dirty hair can be a touchy subject, I know. While most think that it isn't for everyone, I will always recommend that my clients do not wash their hair every day. If you have super fine hair that gets greasy within mere hours of blowdrying and styling, I've got some tips for you too! Fear not, I'm here to help.

I have a pretty standard mop in the hair realm. I hate using the word "normal" to describe anything (because what the hell is normal anyway?), but I've lucked out with no-fuss, strong, happy hair. My strands are fine, but I have a whole lot of them, making my hair super dense and as most would say, thick. I can usually go a week (here's the part where we all gasp in horror) before washing my hair, but I do a few important things in order to maintain it each day!

Follow along for some easy tips and tricks to make your blowout last for days, and still feel comfortable leaving your house!

Cyber Monday Love

Cyber Monday (Tuesday? Week?) has always cracked me up. I've never been a big shopper, especially a full price shopper, BUT regardless of how I feel about that, Cyber Monday deals are seriously insane. Here are some that might just make me break the credit card out.

All of the NuMe deals are killing me! $79.99 for any set with code STUNNING is so insane. How many curling wands is too many...?

I've had my eye on these booties for a while now.

Will someone please get me this already?! And the cookbook that goes along with it - I've only heard amazing things.

Um, under $50 for this?! Yes, please.

I've somehow gotten roped into more than a few Secret Santa swaps this year. This and this would be perfect.

Birchbox always kills it with cute gifts. Um, hello? An Advent calendar made of NAILPOLISH? AND! Get an additional 25% off with code PARTYON. Win win.

Where are you shopping this holiday season?

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