Gel manicures

To gel or not to gel: that is the question. There are so many seriously enticing pros and cringe-worthy cons, a girl can't make up her mind! If you enjoy switching up your polish more often than every 2 weeks, I'd definitely say go with a standard manicure. But Kate, that's like begging your nail polish to chip the day after you just spent $10 on a manicure! I know, I know. And this, my friends, is why it is so damn difficult to make the decision! I have a love affair with nail polish. Essie nail polish to be exact. I can make rainbow upon rainbow with the colors I own. I usually give myself a manicure once a week (thanks TBD!), and it usually lasts for a day or so before I spot a chip. How discouraging. Can we all see why I'm trying to convince myself to get a gel now?! However, gel manicures can be a bit scary. UV light? Will I get skin cancer? Will they file my nails down into pulp? What if I hate the color? I have to live with this for TWO weeks!

I think I might take the plunge and go for the gel! Let's make life easy for a change, just this once. What are your thoughts on gel manicures?

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