Are You OK With Second-Day Hair?

Dirty hair can be a touchy subject, I know. While most think that it isn't for everyone, I will always recommend that my clients do not wash their hair every day. If you have super fine hair that gets greasy within mere hours of blowdrying and styling, I've got some tips for you too! Fear not, I'm here to help.

I have a pretty standard mop in the hair realm. I hate using the word "normal" to describe anything (because what the hell is normal anyway?), but I've lucked out with no-fuss, strong, happy hair. My strands are fine, but I have a whole lot of them, making my hair super dense and as most would say, thick. I can usually go a week (here's the part where we all gasp in horror) before washing my hair, but I do a few important things in order to maintain it each day!

Follow along for some easy tips and tricks to make your blowout last for days, and still feel comfortable leaving your house!

MONDAY Since I've blown my hair dry on Sunday evening, I'm pretty much set! I'll use my flat iron to lightly touch up some kinks and odd ends thanks to my lovely night's sleep. Time to tackle the day.

TUESDAY Today dry shampoo comes into play. I like to section off my hair at the crown and lightly apply. See a step-by-step here! [NOTE: Personally, my hair isn't looking too shabby at this point. I keep my dry shampoo pretty light since I have 3 more days left! If you're a fine-haired lady and are feeling a bit yuckie already, use a quick spritz of Oribe Foundation Mist at the root, and blow dry. Then, follow with a quick application of dry shampoo.

WEDNESDAY Most people aren't brave enough to get past day 2, but if you are, you're almost there! The big ol' halfway point. Today involves more dry shampoo and a curling wand. I lightly go around my head in vertical sections to get loose waves.

THURSDAY By now you could probably use some freshness. I spritz a little bit of a hair fragrance, touch up any waves, and you're set. I am obsessed with Serge Normant Avah Eau De Parfum, and any time I'm wearing it I get compliments all day long.

FRIDAY If you're bold enough to get to day 5 - rock a ponytail or topknot! This is the perfect last day style. Your hair is packed with product, so it'll have amazing texture for a nice topknot with some hold. Seriously, by now your hair is full of secrets, and no one will have any idea. I promise.

You've made it! Now GO WASH THAT HAIR!

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