3 Things I Learned from Pinterest

I can spend an entire day on Pinterest. Or maybe an entire week…am I really the only one? I don't think so. Pinterest has a way of sucking you in until your eyes are blood shot, you have a new hairdo, tie-dye nail polish, and have made 5 delicious deserts. All in a day's work.

I am honoring my crazy busy week/weekend with a tribute to my love affair with Pinterest. You learn something new everyday, right?

1. The Kitty Cat 

I hate to admit it, but I am yet to master the cat eye look. I have a (surprisingly) shaky hand when it comes to makeup, and I'm fair, so I tend to go light on the eyes. But this, holy cow I need to master this one. Not to mention I love kitties. A lot.

2. How to fake bigger lips

Definitely trying out this bigger pout at work next week! PS did anyone else see Stephanie's feature in Behind the Chair magazine this past issue? I love her!

3. Chop chop

Okay, okay. The Beauty Department always wins. Like, always. I obviously admire what they do, and they are a huge inspiration behind this blog. When I chopped my hair recently I was sad to give up my favorite hair style - milk maid braids. Well worry no more Kate! TBD saves the day, as usual.

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