Beauty and the Bag

Inspired (as always) by the beautiful Sunnie Brook, I can 100% relate to her talks about lusting over not only the contents of her makeup bag, but the bag itself as well. I am a hoarder of little purses, clutches, makeup bags, etc., etc. I always have 3-5 little zip-ups inside my purse at any given time. A bit excessive? Maybe. Is this a hint of my sometimes-unbearable OCD? Probably. But let's move on...

Spring break is right around the corner (hallelujah!), so be sure to keep your bags packed and be prepared with the right essentials. Here are some of my must-haves for travel.

1. Kiehl's Aromatic Blend: Patchouli and Fresh Rose.
This petite bottle has a powerful fragrance that's soft, sweet, and clean.

2. Burt's Bees Tinted Lip Balm. First off, you can't go wrong with Burt's Bees. Second, this balm is crazy hydrating and the colors are so natural, people will think your pout is naturally that pink!

3. Hair & Bobby pins galore.  You never know when you'll need to toss your hair in a cute top knot, get those freshly trimmed bangs out of your face, or even help a friend in need. Hair/Bobby pins are always a must.

4. Stila's Convertible Color.  Blush and lipstick in one! Can it get any better? This makes sweetening up super easy. Even better, it's got a little compact mirror, to ensure you're keeping cute at all times. I use Sweet Pea, which keeps my love for summer alive even in four feet of snow. (Go away winter!)

5. Hand sanitizer, duh. Because who really likes being sick? I try to avoid the plague at all costs.

6. Fresh Lotus Eye Gel.  When I'm in need of a quick pick-me-up in the late afternoon, I go right to this. Tired peepers no more! This is great for puffiness, dehydration, and dark circles.

Now let's talk about these bags I'd love to add to my collection!

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