Fall Faves

The weather in New Jersey had been kind of crazy - I mean, 38 degrees one day and 75 the next? I'll never complain about a 75 degree day, but come on mother nature, get your shit together. No more mind games. I also need to put some of my summer clothes in storage so I have more room in my closet to go shopping.

Here are some items I've been lusting over lately, what do you think?

My plaid collection keeps growing... Can't stop, won't stop.

These are probably the fifth paid or d'orsay flats I've been obsessed with this season.

Even though I kind of feel like I'm traveling back in middle school, I love this skirt from Gap.

Give me all the layered sweaters!

This parka will hopefully help me through frigid NYC winters

Elbow patches for life!

Jeweled neckline? Yes, please.

I'd wear this sweater vest with every dress I own.

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