The Most Delicious DIY Lip Scrub

Happy April my loves! With warm weather (hopefully) on the way soon, you'll need to keep that pout looking smooth and supple. I've made an easy, natural lip scrub with ingredients you can find in your pantry!

This is really a very simple lip scrub that anyone can do! I took organic coconut oil, raw honey (you can also use standard, refined honey, I just prefer the consistency of raw), brown sugar, and some apricot oil (you can also omit this, or replace it with any other oil you have). 

Place two parts brown sugar to one part raw honey and one part coconut oil into a small bowl. I added about two drops of apricot oil. Combine!

Once all of the ingredients are incorporated, roll into a small ball and place in any airtight container. This should keep up to two weeks. Now go scrub away and enjoy beautiful, soft lips! 

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